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The Flirty Chic Sack

The Flirty Chic Sack is an exciting, funky, and functional purse that is made with organic cotton and recycled canvas.  This design features fantastic pleats that explode with color. The top of the bag has a scooped design that allows the bag to rest snuggly and comfortably on the hip.  Easy to wear and fun to use, the Flirty Chic Sack features an adjustable strap, zipper closure, and numerous interior pockets.

Functional Bag Features:

Approximate Bag Dimensions:

Custom Design Options

To design a Custom Flirty Chic Sack, visit the Custom Page to select the design details. The Ruffle Blossom can be used to embellish this style bag.

Please note that this design has three bag exterior fabrics.

  1. The upper yolk and strap fabric (recycled canvas)
  2. Main body (Organic Cotton)
  3. Pleats and Ruffle Blossom (Organic Cotton)

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